Carbon Markets

EU and UN Kickstart Their Work on Carbon Removal for 2023

March 2023 laid the groundwork for developing carbon removal methodologies under the EU Carbon Removal Certification and the Paris Agreement. The European Commission’s Carbon Removals Expert Group had its inaugural meeting, and the Article 6.4 Supervisory Body convened for its first session of the year. Whilst both groups were largely in the planning mode with their carbon removal-related activities, there are a few noteworthy developments to highlight. This post shares …

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What’s next for carbon markets?

The carbon markets are experiencing rapid growth. The voluntary markets are expanding due to unprecedented demand from corporate buyers and a related boom in issuing new credits. The compliance markets are growing via increased allowance prices and soon also through the emerging Paris Agreement market. All the while, the two markets are increasingly converging, and the voluntary market is bound to go through substantial changes. Will there be a competition …

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