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I advise on Climate Policy.

Bringing Clarity to Climate Policy

I started working on international and European climate policy in 2004. 

Today, I run my own climate policy advisory, Climate Principles, where I work on policy analysis, design, dynamics, context and policy-making processes. I focus primarily on Carbon Markets and Carbon Removal.

Recent posts - Inside Climate Policy blog

  • EU Enters The Race For Carbon Removal Certification

    EU Enters The Race For Carbon Removal Certification

    The global race to certify removals is gathering speed. The European Commission has published its proposal for the EU’s Carbon Removal Certification Framework (CRCF), putting Europe in the lead in carbon removal policy design. Next to the EU, several countries, including the UK and US, are considering the best options …Read More »
  • COP27: Paving the way for the “removals COP”

    COP27: Paving the way for the “removals COP”

    Let’s explore how carbon removal featured at COP27, the relevant developments in climate change negotiations, and what to watch out for through 2023 and up to COP28.Read More »
  • UN standard-setters turn their attention to carbon removal

    UN standard-setters turn their attention to carbon removal

    The spotlight on carbon removal is getting brighter. UN standard-setters have begun a crucial process to lay the groundwork for removals under the Paris Agreement. This has gone largely unnoticed by the carbon removal community...Read More »
  • What’s next for carbon markets?

    What’s next for carbon markets?

    The carbon markets are experiencing rapid growth. The voluntary markets are expanding due to unprecedented demand from corporate buyers and a related boom in issuing new credits. The compliance markets are growing via increased allowance prices and soon also through the emerging Paris Agreement market. All the while, the two …Read More »
  • The New IPCC Report – Carbon Removal Narrative

    The New IPCC Report – Carbon Removal Narrative

    The new IPCC report brings carbon removal to the centre stage of climate mitigation as an essential and unavoidable tool to achieve net-zero GHG emissions.Read More »


I speak regularly on European and international climate policy developments on carbon removal and carbon markets. 

List of speaking engagements

  • European Regulations and CDR by Airminers. Agenda Recording
  • Enhanced Weathering Conference 2022 by Climate Cleanup. Agenda Slides
  • CDR funding, markets and policy – international developments by the Swiss Carbon Removal Platform. Agenda Slides Recording
  • Climate Action: the role of SMEs by Illuminem and StimShift. Agenda Slides Recording
  • Examining the role of carbon markets to enhance investment in carbon removal in developing and emerging markets by UNIDO.
  • Corporate Investments into Forestry & Biodiversity (CIFB) 2022 by CE Events & Media. Session: Technology panel (moderator). Agenda Recording
  • Global Clean Energy Action Forum 2022, a joint convening of the 13th Clean Energy Ministerial and the 7th Mission Innovation ministerial, hosted by the US Department of Energy and Carnegie Mellon University. Session (ministerial roundtable): A Critical Tool for Carbon Management: Removing Carbon Dioxide from the Air.
  • 22nd Annual IEA-IETA-EPRI Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading by IEA, IETA and EPRI. Session: What role could international carbon markets play to accelerate Direct Air Capture and Storage (DACS) deployment? Agenda Slides
  • Carbon Forward 2022 by Redshaw Advisors and Carbon Pulse. Session: Removals are moving in (moderator). Agenda 
  • Bridging the gap – the case for European leadership in carbon removals by Carbon Gap. Session: EU Carbon Removals Certification Mechanism – why certification matters. Agenda
  • COP27 Side events at Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
  • European Climate Summit 2021 by IETA. Session: What does Article 6 mean for Europe? (moderator). Agenda and recording
  • Carbon Forward 2021 Online. Session: Countdown to 2050: the prospects for removals in compliance markets (moderator). Agenda
  • Baltic Carbon Forum 2021 by BASRECCS. Session: Practices in CC(U)S Policy and Regulatory Frameworks. Agenda Slides Recording
  • Waste to Energy – the Beauty or the Beast? by ESWET with EURACTIV. Session: EU Climate Neutrality: CCS and Waste to Energy.  Agenda and recording
  • CCS in International Climate Negotiations by GCCSI. Agenda and recording
  • Carbon Sequestration (Hiilensidonta 2021) by Finnish Bioenergy Association. Session: Development of CCS in Europe. Agenda
  • World Hydrogen Congress 2020 by Green Power Conferences. Session: let’s talk scale – blue hydrogen and CCS.
  • Carbon Forward 2020. Session: Hitting net-zero with Carbon Removals (moderator). Agenda
  • Towards Carbon Neutrality by EURACTIV. Agenda and recording
  • The European Green Deal and CCS by GCCSI. Recording
  • European Climate Summit by IETA. Session: Industrial Decarbonisation – The Next Challenge. Agenda
  • Carbon Capture and Storage – A Responsible Bridge to Low-Carbon Future? by German Development Institute. Agenda
  • Environment Day by Viru Keemia Grupp. Session: The role of CCS in the European Climate Policy. (In Estonian) Slides
  • COP25 Side Events in Madrid.
  • Closing Loops – Recipe for a Truly Circular Economy by EuRIC. Session: Circular Economy Package. Agenda
  • Steel for Packaging – A Pioneer for Circular Economy by APEAL. Session: the Importance of Recycling for the Circular Economy. Article
  • Closing the raw materials loop by Eurometaux. How recycling can help secure Europe’s low carbon future. Agenda Recording
  • Plastics in a Circular Economy by the Permanent Representations of Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Agenda
Airminers: European Regulations and CDR, 2022
Baltic Carbon Forum: CCS in FitFor55 Package, 2021
ESWET: EU Climate Neutrality. CCS and W-t-e, 2021
Countdown to COP 26: CCS in climate negotiations, 2021
Euractiv: One year into the European Green Deal, 2020
CCS Talks: The European Green Deal and CCS, 2020


Robust accounting is critical to ensure the EU achieves its carbon removal ambitions.

Published in Environmental Finance.

An article in Frontiers in Climate, providing an overview of the current status and future opportunities for the European CDR policy, focusing on tech-based CDR.

The current status of negative emission technologies and the role of carbon capture and storage in delivering negative emissions in Europe.

Read article

A brief on carbon removal with CCS technologies. Key topics:

  • The unique dual role of CCS in climate change mitigation;
  • Opportunities, challenges and scalability of technological carbon removal approaches;
  • Latest insights into the carbon removal policy considerations.

Read publication

An update to my earlier paper on the European Green Deal, based on the key takeaways from the webinar with DG CLIMA.

Read blog post

The latest information and thinking on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and its role in enabling countries to meet the objectives they have set themselves in their Nationally Determined Contributions, with particular emphasis on how it can impact on CCS.

Read publication

A closer look at the European Green Deal with its extensive list of initiatives, and highlights what to watch out for in the coming days, months and years regarding low carbon technologies like carbon capture and storage (CCS). This paper explores how climate targets, governance, just transition, carbon border adjustment, industrial strategy, hydrogen, financing and infrastructure can support CCS technologies.

Read publication

The overview outlines the main developments in negotiations on international carbon markets, technology mechanism, transparency framework and more.

Read blog post

National Communications are major reports submitted to the UNFCCC every four years. Countries report on the steps they are taking to implement the Convention and include certain information related to the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol.

Read publication

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