I speak regularly on European and international climate policy developments on carbon markets, carbon removal and carbon capture.

Speaking engagements

  • Carbon Dioxide Removal in the EU ETS: Pathways and Conditions for Integration by German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), 7 February 2023. Invite-only
  • Launch Webinar: New ICAP report on Emissions Trading and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) by International Carbon Action Partnership, 23 February 2023. Agenda Recording
  • Recent updates and position of CCS in the Baltic states by CCS4CEE, 1 March 2023. Agenda
  • European Climate Summit. Session: Lessons from the Voluntary Carbon Market for European Carbon Removals Certification by Verra, 29 March 2023. Agenda
  • Key criteria for VCM quality credits by Zurich Carbon Market Association, 5 April 2023. Agenda and slides
  • Carbon Removal Basel by Carbonfuture, 13 April 2023. Agenda Invite-only
  • CDR PoEt Stakeholder Engagement Workshop by CDR-PoEt (Carbon Dioxide Removal Options: Policies and Ethics) research project consortium, 18-19 April 2023. Invite-only
  • Managing the Future Risks of EU ETS and Net Zero by Carbon Forward. Session: Carbon Removals and EU ETS Future, 20 April 2023. Slides Invite-only
  • Net Zero Within Reach Conference by Zero Emissions Platform, 26 April 2023. Agenda
  • EUI Climate Week by European University Institute, 2-6 May 2023. Session: Voluntary Carbon Markets and the Quality of Offsets (invite-only). Session agenda, full agenda


  • Direct Air Capture Technologies — Challenges and opportunities for governments and industry by International Energy Agency, 31 May 2023. Invite-only
  • Direct Air Capture Summit by Climeworks, 6 June 2023. Agenda and registration
  • Carbon Removal Summit by Negative Emissions Platform. Session: A transatlantic perspective on CDR – Scaling up carbon removal activities in Europe and the US by NEP and Breakthrough Energy (speaking virtually), 8 June 2023 Agenda and registration
  • European Sustainable Energy Week. Session: Climate neutral Europe: safeguarding jobs and industrial competitiveness 22 June 2023. EUSEW agenda and registration Session details
  • Mineralization Summit by Carbfix, 14-15 September 2023. Agenda and registration
  • Carbon Unbound Europe by Unbound Summits, 3-4 October 2023. Agenda and registration
  • COP 28 by the UNFCCC, 30 November – 12 December 2023 (attending 6-11 December) Presidency site, UNFCCC site
  • European Regulations and CDR by Airminers. Agenda Recording
  • Enhanced Weathering Conference 2022 by Climate Cleanup. Agenda Slides
  • CDR funding, markets and policy – international developments by the Swiss Carbon Removal Platform. Slides Recording
  • Climate Action: the role of SMEs by Illuminem and StimShift. Agenda Slides Recording
  • Examining the role of carbon markets to enhance investment in carbon removal in developing and emerging markets by UNIDO.
  • Corporate Investments into Forestry & Biodiversity (CIFB) 2022 by CE Events & Media. Session: Technology panel (moderator). Agenda Recording
  • Global Clean Energy Action Forum 2022, a joint convening of the 13th Clean Energy Ministerial and the 7th Mission Innovation ministerial, hosted by the US Department of Energy and Carnegie Mellon University. Session (ministerial roundtable): A Critical Tool for Carbon Management: Removing Carbon Dioxide from the Air.
  • 22nd Annual IEA-IETA-EPRI Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading by IEA, IETA and EPRI. Session: What role could international carbon markets play to accelerate Direct Air Capture and Storage (DACS) deployment? Agenda Slides
  • Carbon Forward 2022 by Redshaw Advisors and Carbon Pulse. Session: Removals are moving in (moderator). Agenda 
  • Bridging the gap – the case for European leadership in carbon removals by Carbon Gap. Session: EU Carbon Removals Certification Mechanism – why certification matters. Recording Summary
  • COP27 Side events at Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Recording
  • COP27 Daily Briefing by OpenAir Collective. Recording
  • Carbon Removals Certification Framework: How to Set the Standards for Success by Politico. Agenda and recording
  • Carbon Removal: 2022 progress and predictions for the year ahead by Patch, DAC Coalition, and Carbon Business Council. Agenda and recording
  • European Climate Summit 2021 by IETA. Session: What does Article 6 mean for Europe? (moderator). Agenda and recording
  • Carbon Forward 2021 Online. Session: Countdown to 2050: the prospects for removals in compliance markets (moderator). Agenda
  • Baltic Carbon Forum 2021 by BASRECCS. Session: Practices in CC(U)S Policy and Regulatory Frameworks. Agenda Slides Recording
  • Waste to Energy – the Beauty or the Beast? by ESWET with EURACTIV. Session: EU Climate Neutrality: CCS and Waste to Energy.  Agenda and recording
  • CCS in International Climate Negotiations by GCCSI. Agenda and recording
  • Carbon Sequestration (Hiilensidonta 2021) by Finnish Bioenergy Association. Session: Development of CCS in Europe. Agenda
  • World Hydrogen Congress 2020 by Green Power Conferences. Session: let’s talk scale – blue hydrogen and CCS.
  • Carbon Forward 2020. Session: Hitting net-zero with Carbon Removals (moderator). Agenda
  • Towards Carbon Neutrality by EURACTIV. Agenda and recording
  • The European Green Deal and CCS by GCCSI. Recording
  • European Climate Summit by IETA. Session: Industrial Decarbonisation – The Next Challenge. Agenda Report
  • Carbon Capture and Storage – A Responsible Bridge to Low-Carbon Future? by German Development Institute. Agenda
  • Environment Day by Viru Keemia Grupp. Session: The role of CCS in the European Climate Policy. (In Estonian) Slides
  • COP25 Side Events in Madrid.
  • Closing Loops – Recipe for a Truly Circular Economy by EuRIC. Session: Circular Economy Package. Agenda
  • Steel for Packaging – A Pioneer for Circular Economy by APEAL. Session: the Importance of Recycling for the Circular Economy. Article
  • Closing the raw materials loop by Eurometaux. How recycling can help secure Europe’s low carbon future. Agenda Recording
  • Plastics in a Circular Economy by the Permanent Representations of Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Agenda
Airminers: European Regulations and CDR, 2022
Baltic Carbon Forum: CCS in FitFor55 Package, 2021
ESWET: EU Climate Neutrality. CCS and W-t-e, 2021
Countdown to COP 26: CCS in climate negotiations, 2021
Euractiv: One year into the European Green Deal, 2020
CCS Talks: The European Green Deal and CCS, 2020

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